14 May

New Canadian Mortgage Rules

Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Posted by: Vaughn Leroux


Congratulations on making the decision to buy a home. Before you get started, you should be informed of the new Canadian mortgage rules. As of January 2018, these new rules have been enacted, which could affect your finances. To help you get a better idea of how the new rules affect Edmonton mortgage rates, Vaughn Leroux at Dominion Lending Centres has described the recent changes below.

Stress Test

The new Canadian mortgage rules include a mandatory stress test for all new and existing homeowners. The purpose is to see if you can financially handle a rise in interest rates without accruing more debt and stretching your finances too far.

Mortgage debt is a major issue throughout Canada and could greatly affect the entire financial system. To prevent and system-wide problems,  the government decided to implement a stress test to reduce the amount of mortgage debt homeowners are carrying and to help cool down the residential market.

Showing you can make payments with an increased rate will be determined in one of two ways:

  • Using the Bank of Canada five-year benchmark qualifying rate of -5.34% or
  • Using the mortgage rate you are offered by your lender plus an additional 2%

Who is Affected?

Anyone who is looking for a mortgage is affected; this includes those who already have a first mortgage and would like to change banks when their loan period is up. Even if you pay 20% or more towards your down payment, you still are required to take the stress test.  However, you are not affected by these new rules if you wish to renew or refinance your Edmonton mortgage with your original lender.

Financially, the new stress test has been affecting Canadians affordability by as much as 15%. We recommend getting a pre-approved mortgage to determine your options.

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For more information on the new Canadian mortgage rules, or to see if the stress test affects your finances, please contact your local Edmonton mortgage broker at 780-431-5600.

19 Dec

Mortgage Edmonton Refinance: Why You Should (And Shouldn’t) Do It

Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Vaughn Leroux

When Canadian interest rates were flirting with record-lows in 2016, more people than ever turned to refinancing to get the most out of their home.

In Edmonton, this was no different.

Edmonton mortgage rates – along with the rest of Canada – have increased in the past year. Although they aren’t nearly as high as they have been in the past, they are still something that needs to be monitored by homeowners and potential buyers.

You may have heard from family and friends that they recently refinanced their mortgage and got a great deal. While that may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good path for you.

Without further ado, here are some reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) refinance your current mortgage in Edmonton:

Should Refinance

The current mortgage rate is lower than the one you have on your current mortgage. One of the main reasons that people opt to refinance their mortgage is to take advantage of the interest rate when it falls lower than the rate they are currently signed with on their existing mortgage.

How does this help? You get a lower interest rate and can contribute smaller monthly payments.

Should Not Refinance

You want access to the equity in your home. This may seem tempting (especially if interest rates are reasonable), but you should not refinance a mortgage for the sole reason of withdrawing equity from your home.

You may be tempted to complete home renovations, pay off a credit card, or contribute to a post-secondary education, but ultimately you will be extending the amount of time that you will be paying your mortgage.

Should Refinance

Shrink the term of your current mortgage. Refinancing to get a shorter term length on your mortgage is a good reason to act. In doing so, you have the ability to pay smaller monthly payments while reducing the number of years that it will take to pay off the mortgage.

Even the smallest change in rates can make an enormous difference over a typical 30-year loan. Of course, this only works if interest rates fall to a number that makes sense to do this!

Should Not Refinance

You are planning a move soon. If you know that you aren’t in your forever home, refinancing your mortgage doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You should consider that if you did refinance, how long would it take for you to pay off the costs of closing your new mortgage? If you aren’t going to be in your home long enough to break-even, refinancing may not be a good idea.


Are you currently in the Edmonton area and have an existing mortgage? Refinancing could be for you. Before deciding whether you want to refinance and if it will benefit, speaking with a mortgage Edmonton broker like Vaughn can give you the insight, advice, and guidance you need to make an educated decision.

Reach out to him today and find out how he can help.

8 Aug

4 Tips for Your Mortgage Renewal from Edmonton Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Tips

Posted by: Vaughn Leroux

It happens with every person who has ever had a mortgage: a mortgage renewal. Vaughn Leroux, a professional with a reputation of being one of the top Edmonton mortgage brokers, is quite familiar with the renewal process.

As someone who has been involved in the industry for years, Vaughn has helped hundreds of people renew their mortgage. Along the way, he has been asked and provided answers to many questions regarding the renewal process and how people can benefit the best from their new mortgage.

Here are 4 Tips for Your Mortgage Renewal:

  1. Hire a broker

By consulting a mortgage broker, you will instantly be in a better position to get a more favourable mortgage. Vaughn will do all of the shopping that is needed to obtain the best mortgage solutions that fit your unique situation. Not only will he find you the best mortgage rates, he will also do all of the negotiating and paperwork to save you valuable time. Edmonton mortgage brokers like Vaughn have relationships with a variety of lenders and are much more likely to find the best mortgage packages than you would on your own.

  1. Don’t go for the posted rate

This is something that your broker will do for you, but if you decide to try to renew your mortgage on your own then you should know not to agree to the advertised rate from a lender, like a bank. Rates are always negotiable and if you take a proposed rate to a different lender they may be able to sweeten the deal in order to get your business. Again, a mortgage broker would handle all of these duties.

  1. Begin the process early

The best time to begin planning and researching for a mortgage renewal is typically four-to-six months in advance of your current mortgage expiring. This gives you (and your broker) time to shop potential rates and see what the best offer is. This is crucial to do because six months is generally the longest period that lenders are able to promise a discounted rate with protection. Don’t wait until the last possible minute.

  1. Negotiate!

Similar to Tip #2, you can and should always negotiate. Whether it be the rate, term or anything else related to your mortgage, you should always be trying to get the best deal possible. This is where a broker like Vaughn can be of great benefit to you as he has the knowledge, experience and skills needed to negotiate with many lenders at once and walk away with the best package for you.

With these four tips, you are now better prepared for when it’s time to look at renewing your mortgage. Some people choose to stick with their old mortgage and agree to the same rate and terms that they had and this is one of the biggest mistakes they can make! Rates are always changing and the odds are that you can get a better deal by exploring other options than what your previous lender is offering.

If your mortgage is up for renewal soon, contact Vaughn Leroux today and work with one of the leading Edmonton mortgage brokers! You won’t be disappointed.